Griselinia problems

Griselinia is a genus of seven species of shrubs and trees, with a highly disjunct distribution native to New Zealand and South America. It is a classic example of the Antarctic flora . It is the sole genus in the family Griseliniaceae; in the past it was often placed in Cornaceae but differs from that in many features.

Griselinia littoralis instant hedging is also sometimes known by the name ‘Broadleaf’. It is a native of New Zealand, Chile and parts of Brazil. It has a leathery leaf which has a very unusual colour, being an apple green and makes the perfect natural screening hedge in your landscaping project.
Griselinia littoralis (Broadleaf) - A moderately quick-growing (up to 2 1/2 feet a year, especially in full sun), upright evergreen tree to 50 feet tall in New Zealand but usually it is grown as a shrub with an average shrub height of 8 to 10 feet tall and as wide. In my area there are many wild griselinia so I know that it's not a matter of the climate. I worry they are dying but can't really put my finger on it. It's my first garden ever so I've got lots to learn and most from my knowledge coms from internet or my neighbours. Please advise if I need to feed it and if so what's the best type of plant food.

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An attractive and popular clonal form of G. littoralis with broad attractive, glossy, deep-green leaves. A must plant hedge for any garden that needs a screen, wind protection or just an attractive evergreen plant.

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Griselinia problems

Griselinia grows best in a south- or west-facing exposure with full sun. The shrub isn’t particular about the soil type as long as it is well-drained . It tolerates a wide range of pH, from acid to alkaline , but you should avoid extremes.

My parents have a mature griselinia hedge that was almost completely killed by the cold winters a few years back. It still has not recovered and only self seeded ivy growing up the dead griselinia currently provides some form of screen at the edge of their garden. The privet that they had in the same hedge is still growing without problems. I live near Stonefields and alot of the griselinia hedges in that suburb (2-4 years old) are dying, plus a little gem magnolia hedge - dead. The griselinia hedges on Lunn Ave outside the commercial properties are also struggling, but they do not appear to have any watering at all.
Griselinia littoralis is an evergreen shrub native to New Zealand, with light green, oval leaves, inconspicuous yellow summer flowers followed by purple fruits, if both sexes are grown together. It makes an excellent hedging plant for sheltered sites and coastal regions, but it’s not hardy in exposed or northerly sites.

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Griselinia littoralis, offers a beautiful green feature, full of additional benefits. Here are ten reasons why Griselinia is the perfect option for your garden. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience.

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