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Четыре особи scp-966, находящиеся на содержании Фонда (три самца scp-966-1, scp-966-3 и scp-966-4 и самка scp-966-2), следует содержать в комнате 10*10 метров со стальными стенами, обшитыми свинцовыми листами ...

SCP-966 are visible only at wavelengths ranging from 700 nm to about 900 nm. This applies to all of SCP-966's tissues. If their skin, muscles or organs have suffered from second to third-degree burns, the affected areas will be visible at wavelengths ranging from 360 to 900 nm. SCP-966 feed on medium-to-large-sized animals, including humans. SCP-066 or "Eric's Toy" is an SCP that appears in SCP - Containment Violation. SCP-066 was added in update 1.0. SCP-066 is an intricately braided amorphous mass of yarn that weighs approximately one kilogram. Trapped between the threads are what appear to be eyes, which resemble those of a human. It shows significant mobility, mainly in the way of being able to move portions of itself at a ...
16 hours ago · No spawncamping. This appearance may vary, but the “rotting” quality is observed in all forms. When SCP-035 is placed on SCP 966 Description: SCP-966 are predatory creatures that resemble hairless, digitigrade humans, possessing an elongated face with a mouth lined with needle-like teeth. Text-only Thursday. It was added in Version 0. Feb 20, 2014 · hola,vengo a preguntar,¿la fundación scp es real,si no lo es de donde sacan las fotos como las fotos del scp 173 o la del scp 106 o la de los scp que tren imagenes,como la sacan si es que la fundacion es ficticia,y si todo es mentira,como puedo crear mi scp para que lo vean

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scp-966의 또다른 특징은, 빈약한 신체 능력을 커버할 수준의 특이한 사냥 방식에 있다. scp-966은 본인들이 점찍어 놓은 먹잇감에게 알 수 없는 파동을 방출하는데, 이 파동에 노출된 생명체는 무슨 수를 써서라도 잠을 잘 수 없게 된다.

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Scp 966

SCP-966 je označení pro čtyři tvory, kteří se momentálně vyskytují v nadaci (i když je mnoho jejich stoupenců stále roztroušeno takřka po celém světě). Konkrétněji to jsou tři samci a jedna samice, přičemž označení mají SCP-966-1 (samec), SCP-966-2 (samice), SCP-966-3 (samec), SCP-966-4 (samec).

Cztery osobniki SCP-966 (trzy samce, oznaczone jako SCP-966-1, SCP-966-3 oraz SCP-966-4, a także jedna samica, desygnowana SCP-966-2) muszą znajdować się w stalowym pokoju wyłożonym ołowiem, o wymiarach 10 [m] × 10 [m], który znajduje się w Ośrodku . Die vier Exemplare von SCP-966 (drei männliche, bezeichnet als SCP-966-1, SCP-966-3 und SCP-966-4, ein weibliches, bezeichnet als SCP-966-2), die die Foundation in ihren Besitz gebracht hat, müssen in einem 10 x 10 m großen Raum in Standort- gehalten werden, der aus Stahl besteht und mit Blei ausgekleidet ist.
scp-966只有在波长范围从700纳米到900纳米左右下才看得见。这适用于所有scp-966的组织,无论它当前状态如何。 scp-966的猎物是中到大体型的动物,包括人类。它们可以单独或成对狩猎。 Eta-10 "See No Evil" heading down an elevator to recontain a specimen of SCP-966. Epsilon-11, being second of the most elite units, has 125 health. ETA-10 "See No Evil" Edit. MTF ETA-10 is one of the most useful task forces. They are equipped with night vision goggles which let them see SCP-966 and also removes fog.

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Original image of SCP-966-2, before it was made black and white and quite darker. Meta. 221 comments. share. save hide report. 98% Upvoted. This thread is archived.

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