Space breath strain

In this paper, we propose total removal of unwanted harmonic peaks (TruHARP); a myocardial motion and strain quantification methodology that uses a novel single breath-hold MR image acquisition protocol. In post-processing, TruHARP separates the spectral peaks in the acquired images, enabling high-resolution motion and strain quantification.

With a library of over 250 weed strains, we’re confident you’ll find a strain to matching your needs. Each one of our strain reviews contains grow advice as well as an in depth smoke report, covering the type of high to expect, as well as the taste and fragrance.
An intercostal strain is a condition that is occasionally seen in sports such as cricket (i.e. in fast bowlers) and is characterised by a tear in one of the muscles located between the ribs (known as the “intercostals”). The chest comprises of 12 rib bones on each side of the body.

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This is a strain that's best suited indoors where you can keep a keen eye on its progress and training. Like Northern Lights, Super Silver Haze is perfect for large yields within small space that’s ready in about eight to 10 weeks.

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Space breath strain

korova's purple punch is a cross of two legendary strains, larry og and grandaddy purple. it exudes a sweet, candy-like aroma reminiscent of grapes and is super rich in pinene and limonene terpenes. purple punch's beautiful buds have streaks of purple are coated in trichomes. this top shelf strain is the perfect ender to a long day of work.

Gorilla Glue, the strain who keeps the West Coast raving and rolling! If you’re still wondering why Gorilla Glue is one of the most-talked about strains these days, how about 24-26% of THC with some of her phenos measuring an incredible 30%? Saying that the Gorilla is “potent” would possibly be the understatement of the century!
Space Bomb is a incredibly out of this world resinous strain with an interesting high which moves your mind upwards and onwards. The high also produces a great sense of motivation and an overall wonderful happy high.

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