What happens if you disconnect throttle position sensor

Apr 06, 2016 · Figure 2. Disconnect throttle cables at throttle body. Disconnect the throttle position sensor (TPS) and intake air control (IAC) from the throttle body. Figure 3. TPS and IAC sensor plugs. Disconnect the (2) coolant hoses on the underside of the throttle body (many cars have a tb coolant bypass mod, so this will be unnecessary).

You may have to remove the throttle housing when servicing other components. If you do replace the throttle housing, be sure to replace the sealing gasket. In this article, I'll go over the steps involved with replacing the accelerator pedal sensor on MINI R56 models. THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR: This lets the computer know how far you press the accelerator pedal down. It often has a wide open throttle and a closed throttle switch either as part of it or as separate components. FAILURE SYMPTOMS: Hesitation on quick acceleration (passing, "floorboarding it") , sometimes bad idle. May not illuminate light or set ...
"The code said you need to change the sensor? Try this. Disconnect batterys for 20 min. Reconnect. Turn the key on but do not start, slowly mash down on the accelerator till it hits the floor then slowly let up, turn key off. Crank and drive and see if there is a difference. This will reset the APPS." Camshaft Position Sensor- Faulty Sensor Causes, Symptoms, Severity and Estimated Repair Cost. Openbay is an online source that connects you with multiple auto service professionals nearby who will compete for your auto repair and maintenance business

No dropping of the oil pan for me. The screw in the sensor body method worked! So to anyone else out there with the same problem (and lets face it, I know this isn’t an isolated incident), you can remove what’s left of the sensor without having to get inside the engine. And to the Chrysler engineers who designed the 4.7L V8… fuck you.

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What happens if you disconnect throttle position sensor

The Throttle Position Sensor has one job – it tells the ECU how far open the throttle butterfly is. Simple enough you would think. On the Weber Marelli systems the TPS is non linear (excepting Ducati 749, 800, 999 and 1000 models, which are linear - the ’05 620 is also linear TPS I believe).

Warning lights: The check engine light is designed to warn you when any sensor goes bad. If the check engine light turned on in your car, then it's important to check it out before the issue gets worse. Is it expensive to fix a throttle position sensor? A throttle sensor is no motor swap but it could still get tricky.
Now the throttle position sensor is part of the throttle body and is about £300 complete. I would have thought if it was that at fault, the code would've at least gone out for a while after we restarted it after the long battery disconnect. I have also read that sometimes a faulty ECU can give this code but the car just runs so well.

The throttle position sensor is located near the throttle body itself. As a result, You may need to move or remove the alternator, serpentine belt, and air intake tube to get easy access to it. On some vehicles, it may be necessary to reprogram the ECM so that it can “relearn” the proper shift points for the transmission.

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